The solar industry is quickly expanding throughout the US as a big player in green energy. But as with any industry, there are environmental and aesthetic impacts that need to be mitigated. Most communities require “Vegetative screening” around solar projects to provide some balance for viewshed concerns from neighbors, busy roads, and public areas.

WFA has developed a large presence in the solar industry, providing vegetative buffers and mitigation plantings. These projects can be very demanding in the size and scope of the work required and WFA has consistently provided high quality services to meet these demands.

With over 40 years in reforestation, WFA has built solid relationships with many quality nurseries to procure plant materials throughout the Eastern US. This has proven invaluable as many of the common types of trees and shrubs that these projects require have become very difficult to source.

We have a very experienced team of Project Managers, Foremen, and Laborers to provide the highest quality services to our solar clients.

WFA also provides vegetation maintenance services to the solar industry. Click on the link to find out more about what we can offer you in vegetation maintenance.

Williams Forestry & Associates

Williams Forestry & Associates can customize a warranty for our client’s needs. We would be happy to discuss your maintenance needs for your projects including, mowing, weed eating, fence repair, invasive weed control.