Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

While many people probably wouldn’t associate the Oil & Gas Industry with tree planting, the reality is that these projects often require reforestation and mitigation efforts. Often Oil and Gas companies must adhere to strict guidelines from regulatory agencies that require them to reestablish a healthy forest in temporarily impacted areas and mitigate stream and wetland impacts on and off site. Preserving and re-establishing these areas is vital to being good environmental stewards.

WFA has provided turnkey services to the Oil & Gas industry since 2007 and as of 2024, WFA has aided our clients in the reforestation of over 1,000 miles of pipeline ROW. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional package because we understand the strict requirements that our clients are under including planting, environmental and safety concerns, government regulations, and being good neighbors. We adhere to strict safety policies and have proven time and time again, that we have what it takes to complete large and small projects on time and successfully.

WFA has also provided stormwater basin plantings, well pad reclamation plantings, facility screenings, and ECD removal for our clients.

WFA also offers invasive vegetation management for the Oil & Gas Industry. Please see our invasive species page for more information.

Williams Forestry & Associates

Williams Forestry & Associates can customize a warranty for our client’s needs. We would be happy to discuss your maintenance needs for your projects including, mowing, weed eating, fence repair, invasive weed control.