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Turn Key Services

Williams Forestry & Associates offers Turn Key Services for all types of restoration projects.  No matter if it’s a Bare Root planting, Containerized planting or a B&B planting.  Williams Forestry & Associates has you covered with our turn key services which include the following;

Locating and purchasing of planting stock

Over the 30 plus years we have been in business, Williams Forestry & Associates has created long lasting relationships with quality nurseries all over the east and Mid-Atlantic regions.  We have the ability to source your Bare Root, Containerized and B&B planting stock needs.  Williams Forestry & Associates also has its own nursery in Chatsworth, GA called Native Forest Nursery.


Bare Root Refrigeration, Storage and Transport to the project site

Once the seedlings are purchased and delivered handling is extremely critical to the health and survival of the seedlings until they are planted.  Bare Root seedlings need to be kept moist and in cold storage until they are planted.  Here at Williams Forestry & Associates we repack all seedlings the day we receive them.  We do this to ensure the seedlings are damp and stored properly, which is one reason Williams Forestry & Associates has a higher survival rate and better quality than other contractors in the industry.  We also will transport your seedlings from our depot to your project site in a refrigerated trailer, keeping the seedlings in cold storage until they are ready to be planted.

Containerized and B&B Storage and Transport to the project site

Just like the Bare Root seedlings, Williams Forestry & Associates takes pride in caring for your planting stock.  Once we pick up or receive our clients' containerized or B&B planting stock, we immediately start taking care of them.  Williams Forestry & Associates has the space and ability to yard tens of thousands of containerized trees and shrubs as well as thousands of B&B trees.  Once the planting stock is received, it is inventoried, inspected and marked for each individual project.  Next we water-in the containerized stock and continue to monitor their watering needs until they are delivered to the planting site.  B&B trees are heeled in with mulch after delivery and watered regularly until they are ready to be transported to the field for planting.  Once the project is ready for planting we load all of the containerized planting stock into enclosed trailers or trucks. We use enclosed trailers or trucks to prevent wind shear damage during shipment.   The B&B trees are loaded on flatbed trucks or trailers and covered with a landscape tarp to protect the planting stock from wind shear during the delivery from our depot to your project site.

Supply and installation of Protection Devices

No matter the project type or size, Williams Forestry & Associates has the protection devices for a successful establishment of your project.  

We can supply Tubex tree shelters and shrub shelters for your bare root and tree band (small containerized) planting projects.  We have come to trust the quality and performance of the Tubex brand over all others.

For larger planting stock, Williams Forestry & Associates can provide plastic or metal deer fence enclosures to reduce deer browse and buck rubbing which can be detrimental to your trees.

Systemic repellents is another tool in our arsenal. Williams Forestry & Associates has been working with Repellex for the past 10 years and this product along with the tree shelters and deer fencing provide outstanding results.

For competitive vegetation control we offer 24” Diameter Coco Mats.  These Coco Mats provide a natural weed barrier as well as keeping the soil moist.  After this mat is installed it has superior water holding capacity due to the natural coco fibers. 

Project Logistics

Williams Forestry & Associates prides itself on our ability to coordinate complex operations involving many individuals, facilities and supplies to implement projects smoothly and efficiently.  No matter what size project we take the individual care to meet the demands and timelines required for our client’s needs. Williams Forestry & Associates will communicate and coordinate with all parties and agencies involved throughout the entire process to insure everyone is aware of the stage and status of the project. 


Post Planting Monitoring

After a project has been implemented Williams Forestry & Associates can provide post-planting monitoring if requested.  Our staff members can visit the project site once or twice a year to take individual plots and assess the overall survival rates.  We will then submit our finding to you along with any suggestions we may have to increase survivability, reduce competitive vegetation and deer and or rodent damage.

Customized Guarantees

Williams Forestry & Assoicates has been offering our clients survival guarantees since 2001. We realize that each project will have its own set of survival requirements and that a PFO wetland will have a longer monitoring period than a riparian buffer. That is why we offer customized guarantees to meet the demands of your projects. We can provide guarantees for 1 year, 3 years or more and from 70-100% survival, depending on the requirements of your individual project needs.                                        

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