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Who We Are


In 2008, Williams Forestry & Associates purchased the Bowater Paper Corporation nursery in Chatsworth, Georgia and began operations as Native Forest Nursery. Bareroot seedlings have been produced at this North Georgia site since 1974. The nursery occupies 275 acres at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains on the Coosawattee River with the capacity to grow 35,000,000 seedlings annually.

Currently, the nursery produces 5,000,000 hardwood and 1,000,000 pine seedlings. These seedlings are used for reforestation, reclamation, mitigation, and wildlife purposes. In 2015 we expanded our business and started producing containerized plants and liners for the horticulture and conservation industries. We have 100,000 #3 containers and 60,000 #1 containers in root making pots available this year.

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